Our actions at the economic level

Sustainable tourism

Tropicalia wishes to promote sustainable, local and regional tourism thanks to its own good practices. The company will as soon as possible promote partnerships with eco responsible players while actively contributing to protect the beauty and biodiversity of the Opal Coast for everyone’s pleasure.

Tropicalia will incentivise its visitors to ride electrical and non-electric bikes by renting and providing electric bike charging stations. Planning a trip to the Opal Coast using only sustainable transport will be possible, thanks to Tropicalia. Our building will directly be linked to major routes on France’s western coast such as Eurovelo 4: velomaritime.

Rang-du-Fliers train station directly connects to Calais, Lille, Paris or London and is located just a few steps away from the greenhouse. We also wish for Tropicalia to be accessible through public transport that will help revive railways which accessible to everybody in the region.

We want each visit of Tropicalia to be as environmentally friendly as possible by raising awareness of every visitor’s carbon footprint without making them feel guilty and offering to help them compensate for that carbon footprint by contributing to our projects and programmes in favour of local biodiversity.

Circular economy

Promoting a circular economy, proper waste management and lower greenhouse emissions are priorities for Tropicalia. We work with these principles in mind to share the values of a circular economy with as many partners and suppliers as possible. We are looking for possibilities to turn our green waste into products that will be reused in Tropicalia as furniture or waste containers. We are also ready to supply by products to companies that will use them as a resource and reintroduce them into the circle (such as coffee grounds or food surplus etc.).

Finally, in our shop we will offer a wide range of innovative local products working with local creators, producers and artists.