Tropicalia Foundation

In addition to Tropicalia there will be a not-for-profit organisation. It is being established so that it can be driven by the sole mission of altruistic and philanthropic objectives.

The foundation is driven by the following mission:

Drawing on Tropicalia’s unique ecological environment and its underpinning technical, scientific knowledge and management knowhow in order to promote research, education, culture and awareness of the challenges to modern day ecological systems with particular reference to energy innovation, sustainability and conservation of ecosystems and human/animal/plant health and wellbeing. 

The foundation will closely collaborate with the overall Tropicalia operations to increase its direct and indirect positive impact on society and the environment. While doing so, it aims to develop into an important player in the different areas as described in its mission statement.

A key function of the foundation will be to develop programmes, projects and events in cooperation with a diverse stakeholder base such as civil society organisations, educational institutions, research bodies etc. as well as the broader community. The work will also include scientific exchanges, capacity building and awareness raising.

The scope of the foundation is initially only local and regional but with a mid-term ambition to foster collaboration and generate impact at a national and international level and to develop into a place for exchange of best practice in the areas of Tropicalia’s expertise and linked to joint objectives in the area of sustainability.

Tropicalia and the foundation share a common vision:

« A world where technological progress and human advancement is in harmony with the environment and redresses the balance between development and sustainable ecosystems. »