A living space open to the community

Tropicalia will not only be a tourist destination or layover but also a living space open to every inhabitant of the Opal Coast. The project has been developed to give the surrounding inhabitants the opportunity to enjoy the many services that the greenhouse offers without an entry ticket. All year long, our restaurants (including the terrasses under the dome) and our shop will be open to all to access all novelties while taking a break.

We would also like to have Tropicalia feature in cultural programmes of the coast. Our 400 seat auditorium and two 250 seat function rooms will allow us to host seminars and conferences. We will be able to create a space for exchanges and sharing available to all.

Complementary activities linked to tropical nature and other nature reserves in the region will also be available to visitors. Some places within the dome will be arranged and/or reserved to allow visitors to share these experiences in the tropics with their friends or relatives.

Wide range of activities

The scenery will change following the seasons: visiting Tropicalia in spring will be a completely different experience from visiting it in the autumn. Indeed, blooming seasons also occur in the tropics.

Many butterfly species will also change according to the time of the year. This phenomenon comes from farming butterflies in these latitudes which is, for example, impacted by the wet season.

Temporary exhibitions will give visibility to the works and creations of our many partners and artists, such as Mathieu Courdesses or Antoine Nerval, with whom we have been collaborating for many years.

The village, an unmissable part of the visit, will become a place highlighting the best traditions from South America to Oceania, Africa and Asia. Gastronomy will not be forgotten: visitors will be able to discover traditional food from these regions.