Global warming is a current issue that has already allowed us to witness terrible consequences for our planet. Our societies are, for example, impacted by the rise of sea levels, droughts or by the rising number and intensity of hurricanes. Facing this reality, there is only one solution to allow our societies to survive with adequate living conditions: change the way we lead our lives and our consumer habits and go green. In that way, Tropicalia wishes to be one of the initiatives that are virtuous and contribute to positive change. In order to do so, the main idea is not to shrink growth but rather adapt our existing societies to this worrying situation.

Today, we have at our disposal new solutions, methods and innovative technologies that we want to highlight to show that we have the means to act now. In time, we will compensate for the CO2 emissions linked to the construction and operation of Tropicalia. We will publish, regularly and transparently, the results of our action to reach this goal.

While Tropicalia has many assets, we cannot claim that it is an exemplary project on all levels. Our REV3 Hauts-de-France label is a first step towards our commitment to the project and we wish for many people to join us. I pledge, with all my team to do everything in our power to reach our ambitious goal of carbon neutrality with the same passion that gathers us around this project.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Dr Cédric Guérin